SL-WEEK 28: Imma ruin your music

My mother is many things, including a rapper. This post is dedicated to her and my cheek to put her and the spirit of Ms. Banks in the same post.

This is a test for mom to see if she can be new lunch. (ADD-IT: I found this lady online! She is NOT my mother!!)

Since this is photo challenge on the subject of music and some would argue that rap is not it, here are a few images on other kinds:

A German inquiry on a Ljubljana wall into where all the sevdah (a kind of Bosnian folk music) has gone

Mom doing Mina’s Mille bolle blu by blowing bubbles in the water. It WAS New Year’s Eve.

Mom and dad doing their dance ❤ with festive but fireworks-terrified bestia watching.

Photo: MM

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 28: Music


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