A.A. Milne

Pooh corner

We have had some reading aloud time again lately, after 40 years. This is the A. A. Milne’s dedication from The House at Pooh Corner:

You gave me Christopher Robin, and then
You breathed new life in Pooh.
Whatever of each has left my pen
Goes homing back to you.
My book is ready, and comes to greet
The mother it longs to see —
It would be my present to you, my sweet,
If it weren’t your gift to me.

Photo: MM

The book was excellently translated into Slovenian by Majda Stanovnik, whereas the Pooh songs in it were translated by a major Slovenian poet Gregor Strniša. I’m not sure which one is responsible for this beautiful dedication. This page is from the first, 1959 edition.

With local produce and a thriving Roman ficus. Photo: MM

Sivček: Eeyore—Tiger: Tigger—Ru: Roo—Kengu: Kanga—Zajec: Rabbit—SVOA: WOL—Pujsek: Piglet—Pu: Pooh—Christopher Robin. First time, at 45, I hear that Sivček (meaning ‘The grey one’) is actually Eeyore! This changes everything!

Photo: BM

This is how it went: Mom reading The House at Pooh Corner in Slovenian from the year 1959 that uncle has just bought online. Same as it ever was.

And this is a page from my original Winnie-the-Pooh. The additional artwork and grading are mine, from preschool days. Plenty to gather from it, I’m sure, not only that after using them all on grass I ran out of greens for the trees. And that I was truly in a hurry to finish.

ADD-IT: “You’ve made 500 posts on The Mexi Movie.” And a fine 500th post it is.


By A.A. Milne

If people ask me,
I always tell them:
“Quite well, thank you, I’m very glad to say.”
If people ask me,
I always answer,
“Quite well, thank you, how are you to-day?”
I always answer,
I always tell them,
If they ask me

I wish

That they wouldn’t.

2012 December 041

A polite meeting of nations in Ljubljana, Edvard Kocbek is the serious one. Photo: MM