Vlado Kreslin

Negra guitarra

Vlado Kreslin is a Slovenian singer from the Pannonian lowlands. Hungary is the neighbour. His songs are beautiful and melancholy. Here is probably his most known song, about his black guitar which his father bought with his first paycheck in Maribor, at Partizanska 13. In 1947. And whenever the Gypsies would come to their house, they would ask him, Do you still have it. That guitar. It is in the cellar now but still in tune and his father still plays it every day.

And now I see that this song has got a new arrangement. Surprisingly upbeat. It was the work of Ariel Cubría who also translated the lyrics into Spanish. He recorded this wonderful video with his group Vivaracha, with members from five countries (Slovenia, Italy, Venezuela, Cuba in Tunisia) and Vlado as their guest and they were joined by dancers from Cubana Ljubljana dance school.

Esa si toca mi alma. Gracias!

Two for her

Vlado Kreslin: It’s a long way / Dolga je pot 

(translated by Manja Maksimovič)

It’s a long way
from the moon to the stars
across the winter sky
across the winter sky.

It’s a long way
of trains through the night
till the white morning,
till the white morning
is a long long way.

It’s a long way
from now till once upon a time
and who can claim to know it
who can claim to know it?

It’s a long way
from the sheer mountains
until the river quietens down,
until the river quietens down
is a long long way.

It’s a long way
to the far-away taste
of mother’s milk
of mother’s milk.

It’s a long way
from the rag doll
to the living human being,
to the living human being
is a long long way.

Vlado Kreslin: On a certain Day (Kakšen dan)

(Slovenian lyrics by Milan Jesih, translated by Manja Maksimovič)

On a certain day the sun is so close
that you can reach for it
hide it behind your back
so that it goes dark
and then show it to surprised mother.

On a certain day everything is possible
you change the world with your best wishes
it’s clean and just
because you want it that way
it’s as light as a parrot on the shoulder.

On a certain day you don’t touch the ground
you keep walking on the air
You recognize such a day
in the morning
you wash your face with a cloud.

(The third would be Daniela, but we better not go there, right – not only since it’s not available on the line)