The Queen

Luigi or Not-Luigi?

This is Luigi. He is our neighbourhood donkey. He’s been living right here for about ten years or so.

luigi simon (1280 x 599)

He disappeared in October. And then our community was donkeyless for a while.

Now this happened:

31-1-15 005 (960 x 1280)

I could swear this one is smaller and different colour. And not Luigi. However, there is the wound.

Once again, Luigi:

018 (1280 x 960)

And Not-Luigi (let’s call him Sergio, after the new president):

31-1-15 004 (960 x 1280)

No matter how much I might wish that it was true, it looks a little like a stunt to replace pets before children get home to me. Therefore: You don’t fool me. I had to say that quite a bit in my life. (Photo: MM)

Keep yourself alive

… because nobody else will do it for you. These are my and my sis’ most often watched parts of the Freddie Mercury tribute concert from 1992:

Extreme with their Queen set because they stole the night (yes, mom, I want to break free too!), with Gary and Nuno on stools doing Love of my Life by the Queen and their own More than Words because NUNO,

and Metallica’s James Hetfield with the Queen doing Stone Called Crazy because it’s just wicked.