Meta Maksimovič

SL-WEEK 9: Back to school – for some

September 1st has always been the first day of school around here. Therefore this day is especially suitable for going some place else.

My uncle, who has recently retired, says that he was unhappy since his first school day and has only now reached his peace. As a reward he will be able to take me home tomorrow. Instead of school.

Yet here is a girl who is missing school a little, I think. The book of poems for children that she is reading was written by my mom. Here is one translated poem, and here is another. (I did that, and the photos too. Everything instead of school.)

Holidays are over. Back to school for some and torna a casa Lassie for others.

Photo: MM. Models: Zoja and bestia

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 9: School challenge

Maybe it will all be okay

Today celebrates my mother. You really should get to know her.

People say that we grow to become our parents, boys grow into fathers, daughters grow into moms. Am I lucky in that regard! This is what awaits me:

She loves bestia, to read and to make others happy (that car race must have been really the last thing she wished to see but it was my birthday).

There is much more about her, though. Not only she must be the oldest Slovenian rapper (here in my old, “skater” shirt),

she also writes poems. Here is one from her first collection of poems for children, illustrated by Mina Fina and published in Slovenian:

Kaj delajo fantje v vrtcu
by Meta Maksimovič

Tine mi meče drobtine
iz bližine,
Vito me vleče za kito
kadar jem pito.
Zvone mi krade bonbone
in skriva balone.
Samo me suva v ramo,
ko se igramo,
Rok me spravi v jok
ko mi vzame sok.
Le Dado ima lepo navado,
da nosi mi čokolado.

Illustrated by: Mina Fina

I translated it into English because I would really like for the whole world to enjoy her poems (another one is here, soon the translations will make a book as well). Now it sounds like this:

What boys do in preschool
Translated by Manja Maksimovič

Fred, you throw pieces of bread
On top of my head
Nate, you’re pulling my braid
When the table is laid
Boon, you hide my cartoon
And blow my balloon
Zak, you push me in the back
When we play in the shack
Sly, you make me cry
When you steal my pie
Just Clyde is so very polite
He gives me chocolate, I bite.

And this is what I could add (hippies, like partisans, will NEVER die out, no matter how others count on old age to do them in):

Maybe it will all really be okay, mom. Imagine that! I’m happy that you like what I did to your poem. Wishing you a happy heart (and many more heart-shaped stones that you collect and can be seen on the top photo), a peaceful soul and calm sea. Happy birthday!

Photo: MM & BM (last)

A Present

Author with Žak, by Mina Fina

A Present

By Meta Maksimovič

 (translated by Manja Maksimovič)

A present is something you give

To someone in whom you believe,

It’s usually kept well hidden,

Wrapped nicely with bow and ribbon.

Best present of all, I hear mom tell,

Is the kids that are good and well.

The present I’d like the most, you say?

Such that would come ten times every day.


By Mina Fina

Meta Maksimovič


(original in Slovenian)

Darilo je nekaj, kar daš

nekomu, ki rad ga imaš,

in je ponavadi skrito,

ker je skrbno zavito.

Najlepše darilo je, mama pravi,

če so otroci pridni in zdravi.

Jaz pa najraje imam taka darila,

ki bi se desetkrat na dan ponovila.

Other 20 poems for children from the collection Present by Meta Maksimovič are being translated and will appear in an ebook with illustrations by Mina Fina. Stay tuned.