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Since I love learning new words and Sylvain asked for “incongruous”: not that I’m out of place or not in harmony, but before I lied down this had been a poppy field… Don’t know how I could miss every single one of them. (If you don’t count that tired one front left. Goes well with the grey).

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 41: Incongruous

I am not responsible

This is what my phone wishes you to know.

I wrote this by starting with love and kept clicking the middle option among the three word suggestions given by my phone. When the loop began, I continued by clicking always the suggestion on the right. And then the one on the left.

I didn’t google to see if there are already pages and pages of this kind of “poetry”. But for a lazy poet it’s almost ideal.

This is practically unedited, I only put it in verse format to annoy those who say they don’t like poetry. The phone chose where sentences shall end and did its own punctuation.

What I find so mind-boggling is that I don’t deal in advertising and these words are not my regular words (except about resetting the modem, yep, we’re doing that a lot). And what about being a new one?

Do yourselves a favour. Advertise in the UK. And do your own, this is nuts!

Love, by Samsung Galaxy Note Trend Plus

you too.

the Google Team To
in this email address.

Please note
that the information you need
to be a good idea
to advertise the UK.

I have been feeling
a bit of a new one. Wow.

You can also be used
to be a good idea
to advertise the UK.

I have been feeling
a bit of a new one. Wow.

You can also be used
to be a good idea
to advertise the UK.

I think I am looking
to buy the ticket.

Please wait.

This email has to do with a bit.

It has an amazing day
and the Three main thing I want you.

You are not responsible.

This email has to do with a bit.

I’m sure you have any queries
you’ll find it difficult for me
to reset the modem
or a person is unauthorised
and strictly for you
to be honest.

I’m sure you have any queries,
you’ll find it difficult for me
to reset the modem
or a person is unauthorised
and strictly email us.

I am not a good day,
but the most important things.

The only thing I can get
the most important things.

Photo: a © signature mmm production
Location: Mò Mò Republic restaurant, Monteverde, Roma

Ljubljana. Above left: “…can really be lovely.” Below left: google for yourselves! 😀 I took the photo for the bicycle! Photo: MM

This town’s not big enough for the both of us

When my phone told me that the title of his new post included words “Martin Luther King” and “Ljubljana”, I knew it: it’s all gone to the dogs. Months of preparation, counting down percentage of my upload limit, choosing the theme, writing a new About me, and finally deciding on the new header image. And here is where it gets tricky.

My blog is slowly filling itself up, therefore the steps mentioned above had to be made. I’m still about 20% good so it will not happen immediately. But when it does, my new blog will almost certainly bear this header photo:

Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo: MM

And today, today is third Monday in January, which means it’s Martin Luther King, Jr.’s day in the USA. It comes naturally for any journalist/photographer to snap the image above should one be American and passing by. As it is, I happened to be in this city just recently. No surprises there, it is Ljubljana, my birth town.

But he is in town too. And he posted his first.

He has a passer-by, I have a bicycle and snow and uncut pipes showing. He has his levels level, whereas mine are all over the place. But most impressive is his translation of the left sentence, “Govori ljubezen.” It is “Speak love”, as in an imperative, whereas I would think it meant merely “Love speaks.” So we have the winner without even looking at the photo. (No matter how he needn’t have translated at all, just listened to the man himself.)

I wish to speak love, it is my imperative. And I know the power of words (the inscription on the right) as well. This will make a good introductory image to my new blog, no matter how imperfect and late to post and all.

Another thing: In the meantime I’ve left town. You can have it all to yourself, Bob. 🙂

/No true bad feelings involved in the making of this post, it’s all for laughs. I’m proud to share my eye with this man./

Happy January 16

This day I see a little bit like birthday too, even though mine will only follow in exactly four months. Let’s see.

It is because it has been the birthday of my first best friend in school, who is now far, and another good friend who is farther.

Since last year when I greeted both with a post on here, another has been added to form a happy trio. He lives on the other side of the world. The names of all three of them start with an M, incidentally. I don’t know so very much about him but for sure he loves dogs too.

That’s why I have decided to dedicate to all three of them the following selection of Texts from Dog. He is a bulldog (like me: Taurus + dog in Chinese, for any who take care of these things) and he sends SMS messages to his owner. If you don’t know him yet, check out his site. Apparently there are books out and all. Every time I read these, I look at my dog in a different light. He is about to start typing, I can feel it.

These are listed in the growing order of how much I love them. Bestia above is already laughing.

Wishing all three of you, and everybody else, much fun with these. Happy birthday and a great year ahead!


All taken from

And to add one of my own, of bestia on the beach in autumn:

“How do you mean, all the people have gone? Does that mean only bears are left??”

Photo: MM

SL-WEEK 28: Imma ruin your music

My mother is many things, including a rapper. This post is dedicated to her and my cheek to put her and the spirit of Ms. Banks in the same post.

This is a test for mom to see if she can be new lunch. (ADD-IT: I found this lady online! She is NOT my mother!!)

Since this is photo challenge on the subject of music and some would argue that rap is not it, here are a few images on other kinds:

A German inquiry on a Ljubljana wall into where all the sevdah (a kind of Bosnian folk music) has gone

Mom doing Mina’s Mille bolle blu by blowing bubbles in the water. It WAS New Year’s Eve.

Mom and dad doing their dance ❤ with festive but fireworks-terrified bestia watching.

Photo: MM

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 28: Music

WPC: Our ooops moments

Over here, ooops moments are rich and varied. Let’s investigate a few.

First there is weird camera stuff: two images that the camera decided to take by itself right here from the desk, plus two that I think are called double exposure (hm… yes?). Or maybe it’s parallel universes? In any case, I like it.

Ooops can also be in the action itself: a flood in Terme Saturnia, followed by a hurricane in our back yard, followed by dry Fontana di Trevi under construction, followed by a lovely bookcase, just a bit high up (yes, ours!), followed by what amore calls “the Italian fantasy”, and last but not least, not really a welcome in Porto Ercole.

Here are a few animal ooopses: a sheep that lost its footing, the gecko that to me is in itself one big ooops, a sea (food) predator, and a mysterious cage of a dead parrot in Porto Santo Stefano.

The following happened when our olive tree called Olgo (because it’s male) got refreshed and we burnt the cut-off branches in our fireplace. Never put the wooden crate in an indoor situation on fire like that, in case you didn’t know. It BURNS. Consequence: the lovely green mirror you see above the mantel cracked from side to side. (It would anyway, crate or no crate, since the chimney behind it was so hot.)

My favourite ooops moments involve funny poses: mom as Kenny, mom as a peperoncino walrus, bestia as a symbol of joy, silly puppy face and silly photographer stand (but with nice imagery of Val d’Orcia).

This is better.

Photo: MM & last two MeMa (that’s you, mom!)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Oops!

WPC: Be careful, or…

Be careful, or your city will get ducked…

Koper, Slovenia

…or turtled.

Roma, Villa Pamphili

Be careful when you have to change tyres before Most na Soči in Slovenia.
Be careful, or I’ll grow into a bestia.
Be careful, Chuck! (Or: Told you so!)
Be careful that you don’t grab my ice-cream by mistake late at night.
Be careful when you say “Pridi kaj” (Do come over) to your uncle.
Be careful when you serve him the wrong beer.
Be careful, or your mom will sing.
Be careful: this unicorn is mine.


Be careful, or the devil will shoot. Photo: MeMa (that’s you, mom!)

Il giardino di tarocchi, Niki de Saint Phalle

Be careful – just be careful.

Photo: MM (except The Devil by MeMa)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.”