SL-WEEK 42: Tzars

In Slovenian, the word car is pronounced “tzar” and this is also what it means. Let’s look at some tzars on Italian streets (and in Piran).

Let’s start with an alien starship. Don’t you agree? It’s too smooth to be of this earth.

Then there is the second most beautiful, spotted in Piombino with an Elba beach in the ad. Povero 2CV, looks a little far away from home. In Italy they can be harsh towards French cars.

But some Italians use Citroens to get married.

In Piran, Slovenia, they are useful for reflecting the sunset…

…and for modelling.

This photo is especially for Sylvain because here are two red cars, from 1000 miglia race last year.

Two cars from Christmas in Roma.

Taken in Trastevere.

And now two from Roma last week. This one is a bit lost.

He, however, looks right at home. (Or better, Italians say it’s a she!)

Time for a trio of Fiats 500. Still immensely popular. First two from Roma.

Door photos are so abundant that I can use them for other challenges, hihi.

001 (1280 x 943)

Some cars have been taken over by cat population.

A happy trio of neighbours.

And a city one in Capalbio.

But I still prefer our car. It takes us to amazing places.

And gives good perspective.

Even though…

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 42: Car

SL-WEEK 8: Art on the Road

Not that there are no arty roadside attractions in Italy but for this challenge let me artify a little myself for a change, even though I’ll let nature do most of her work. Lazy-ass photographer. Most of the time driving around my new home feels like a gallery drive-through anyway. The roads are Capalbio-Tuscania-Bomarzo and Capalbio-Piombino. Big screen is where you find it.

Photo: MM

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 8: On the Road challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Turquoise

After a ride in my favourite weather:

we came to the turquoise haven, known by the name of:

This is the town from where ferries will take you to the island of Elba. We didn’t go but we could see the appeal.

On the way back we stopped at Castiglione della Pescaia at the kind of beach that I could easily be avoiding all my living days. But they’ve got surfers.

And this is the scene from Piombino that forced me to save these photos for this week, specifically for Cee’s Fun Foto challenge. Long live 2 CV!

Photo: MM



Holiday check-in by runaway uncle

Greetings all the way to Slovenia on her Statehood Day from the runaway uncle who only reads my blog when he is in it because it’s in English and it’s “too complicated”, says he who speaks Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish and who knows what else.

As you can see, he is suffering greatly and daily.

He needs to drive through ugly countryside…

…to hideous locations, for example Piombino below:

He needs to walk the bestia in terrible conditions.

He needs to eat asparagi con burro e parmigiano.

And he needs to drink the green ones that concern him a little.

Whereas red ones don’t at all.

Photo: MM

And here is a topical tune by Slovenian Americans or American Slovenians with the greatest lie in a title: because pivo is. And I don’t even have to translate a thing.

The Vadnals: No beer today

We were driving through Ljubljana on a Sunday afternoon

all we had left was a dinar (old Yugoslav currency)

we stopped at a gostilna to have a little pivo

and then we heard the bartender holler:

No pivo today, no pivo today

you can’t buy pivo on Sunday.

No pivo today, no pivo today

you gotta come around on Monday.