Monte Argentario

Thursday Doors, April 28

One CAN get overdoored. It happened to me in the last four days.

Doors were attacking me left and right. When sorting the photos I got so overwhelmed that I almost missed the deadline for this week’s Norm’s Thursday Doors. Here is just a teaser: one door from every place that we visited.

We started out with a day in Rome: here the Embassy of Slovenia in Vatican.

The next day it was Pitigliano first.

Then it was a hike to (the wrong) one of the Via Cave where a door was the last thing I expected.

And we ended in Sovana not on foot as intended.

Day three, the monastery at Monte Argentario

Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Ercole


The WWF Oasis Lake Burano headquarters


The last day started with Civitella Maritima.

It continued with Siena with its magnificent cathedral. Wonderful visitors minded bestia for me throughout. Thank you!

And to finish off the door odyssey: Abbey of St. Antimo.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

Here comes goes the sun. It’s all right. Photo: MM (ADD-IT: My uncle, who visited me many times, writes like this: “You can’t fool me. I know this little piece of Tyrrhenian coast too well. A sunrise photo is impossible to take from there. Thus: not ‘here comes the sun’ but rather ‘here goes the sun’.” Busted & fixed. Thanks, Stritz.)

Cee’s Compose Yourself: Leading lines

Cee has a new challenge and I’ll do my best to play along, pretending I get it. 🙂 Yes, it’s technical. This one is about lines leading places. Let’s see if I can take you along. My lines are arranged from the straightest to the curviest. No need to amplify that I prefer the latter.

Photo: MM