Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Trees&Houses

Frankly, there must be trees and houses everywhere I look, seeing that I’ve got this combo on most of my photos. Some of these images have been waiting for some time to be posted, and now I’ve got an excuse. Thanks, Cee.

The trees have come to mean Italia to me. The Guinigi tower in Lucca, with seven oak trees on top, was built for this challenge.

Four trees in Roma:

An Italian and a Croatian church:

A few views from Slovenia – Ljubljana, Maribor with the oldest vine in the world, and Piran:

To finish, trees around the corner with the oleander to point the way home.

Photo: MM



WPC: Treated well

Treat. So many meanings. I guess it all boils down to this: either you are well treated or well tricked.

To me it’s a treat when I say: “Can you please stop the car? I wish to take some photos.” And he does it promptly, even though it could be done from the car as well.

It’s a treat when he takes me and the dog – his first subway ride: thumb up, his first escalator: NO WAY! – to Roma centre so that I can buy some used books. He waits for me outside with the dog, and when I return, he tells me: “Look, you must take a photo of that door.”

He also says: “Why don’t you take a panorama shot?” “But I haven’t taken one yet.” “Why don’t you start?” It’s a treat to be made to do something I wouldn’t do myself so soon.

Largo di Santa Susanna

And then it is a treat when instead straight home he takes me to the beautiful train station Ostiense next to the Roman Pyramid for more photos. Look at the little golden crabs below the ceiling. And yes, Roma has a freshly whitened pyramid too.

And when it turns out that I lost the USB cable for my camera on this trip, and the search for it in the local shops proves fruitless, he promptly treats me to a new one by ordering it online. And he does it without even a little eye-roll.

Photo: MM

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”