Sweet towel of my youth

Just last week mom held her first Hitchhiker book, read a bit and proclaimed: “This man is crazy!”

Today is the Towel Day, dedicated to Douglas Adams and his Guide. It makes so much sense that there is really nothing one can say to oppose it: If you carry a towel, chances are great that you have all the rest with you too. (And I’m not googling the matching original part from the book on purpose because writing from memory is fun.)

However, lest we forget and there are less and less of those who choose to remember, today is also – and has been for longer – the Day of Youth, one of the biggest holidays in ex-Yugoslavia, Tito’s birthday (not really, it was just celebrated then).

Photo: Zedd (both of bestia) & MM

One for the Tito month

Classroom by Miha Avanzo

(translated by Manja Maksimovič on the spot)

Fixed number of walls

blackboard chairs desks


with the view of the world

and painting

with the view of tito.


I don’t know these guys… no, really! Photo: MM

Miha Avanzo: Razred

Določeno število sten

tabla stoli klopi


z razgledom na svet

in slika

z razgledom na tita.