Three years of bestia

Our companion Fonzie a.k.a bestia celebrates his third birthday today! It has become the tradition that for each his birthday the past year is presented calendar-style, one photo of him for each month, starting with last April.

Yes, he is named after Fonzie from “Happy Days” which, however, I was never able to watch as it didn’t air on Slovenian television. But Italians all seem to know who he is and agree that they look a bit similar. Well done, G., for naming him!

Today he will meet his ‘friend’ Angie-the-cat again. Maybe she will even play with him just a little, as a present.

Live long and prosper, bestia!

Photo: a © signature mmm production

WPC: Alfabetagamadelta

Alfabetagamadelta, or from A to Ž, in my language. Letters are the root of everything. More sense in captions.

Let’s take my favourite letter, because MMM

Add another very useful one (Mengeš, Slovenia)

And a whole bunch of them, just not my own (Il giardino dei tarocchi)

Find five seemingly random ones on the beach

Love can also be spelled with 3

Sometimes they are mysterious

Other times less so

And some know what to do with them more than others (Album for my father’s birthday years ago, the photo from Paris metro station)

…and line them up really effectively.

And sometimes your dog really really wants to tell you something – but you don’t know the alphabet.

Photo: MM

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Alphabet

WPC: Circling around

Photo: MM

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Circle

SL-WEEK 10: Windows of my soul

I like shooting windows almost as much as doors. There was a “Windows” folder waiting even before I saw the theme of this week’s Sylvain Landry’s challenge. I love it when things align.

The above ones are multiple, the ones below are singular. They remind me of a photographer friend who used to have Ljubljana window shots published in our magazine. Thank you for showing me how it is done, Dunja! Maybe one day I’ll get it 😀

And to conclude, two personal windows to bring a smile to a few lips: a reflected kitchen window and the very beautiful and important roof window.

Photo: MM

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 10: Windows challenge


This is how this Slovenian town is pronounced. Mengeš, the town of the Primus door. It’s not a place people would roam to – it’s close to the airport, yet not in the direction of the capital. Maybe that’s why it has remained as it was, and why my friend lasted there as long as he has. Soon that period of his life will be over so this is a kind of tribute.

Mengeš is a good primer of Slovenian town. (In Slovenian, primer means “instance”, in English it means something else, I’m sure, but right now can’t be bothered.)

The forest grows out of the houses.

The mayor is prone to art.

It is home of the happiest chickens (but they will bite into that apple sooner or later) and at least one major horse lover.

It brings the past to mind, and in many ways spells Slovenia to me, 100% volunteers and all.

Stammi bene!

Photo: MM

Thursday Doors, August 13

Today I tried eating Italian in a town called Mengeš, Slovenia. They refused their garden to us on account of the dog. Everything else about the town was beautiful.

More in a later post but first the door. Immediately after the refusal we continued our heated stroll passing this building. It’s not quite finished but it’s got potential.

Only after I reached the spot where I’m standing here and pointed the camera at yet another turquoise door, it went through me: It’s Thursday!

Too bad this was not a restaurant, preferably Italian – dogs are welcome.

Instead it’s a shop of a leather craftsman. Will be back. Everything about this shop was a mood-lifter.

Photo: MM

And just so those searching for the band Primus won’t be disappointed (Suicidal Tendencies tag proved misleading enough), here is a reminder. Those who won’t eat pizza, shall eat pudding.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.