Bolsena lake

States of mind and trust

That state of mind and trust when you realise:

that you are in Prague, it’s 40 degrees C before the rain, and you will hear Pearl Jam in a few hours

that zen is real and it is breathing down your neck (Lake Bolsena)

that you might win this game (I came second, Lake Zbilje, Slovenia)

that mom is scared and wishes to go but nothing bad will happen, again (in Vulci)

that you are about to leave Piran and Slovenia and sleep in another country tonight and every other night (taken almost three years ago on the day of the move)

that you are in the land of carciofi and Settimana enigmistica now (the scene I witnessed upon entering my new home)

that Pearl Jam were on to something with Yield (just around the corner)

that a house has indeed grown where there was none, as has the first dog, and sister (in Piran)

THAT WE HAVE JUST GOT A BESTIA! (Taken his first moment in our garden.)

that father WILL impersonate ancient architecture (in Pitigliano)

that the coming year will hopefully be just as sunny and chatty (taken on the last day of last year in Lucija).

Photo: a © signature mmm production (except cards by a kind donator)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: State of Mind

WPC: Transitioning without moving

Since I covered so many kinds of transition already in a previous WPC challenge (got to link there, the theme was “Ch-ch-ch-changes”), all I’ve got left is my feet. They are always here and the beach is the same too, the only thing that transits is time. Strangely, one year at a time. And then we start over.

Photo: MM

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Transition

This is how a summer ends. Around here it takes longer. Photo: MM


Santa Severa


Dog beach, Capalbio


Orbetello 2013

Lake Bolsena




A faithful heart and a working hand

Zedd continues to prove that he does not have only a faithful heart and a working hand (zvesto srce in delovno ročico, courtesy of France Prešeren) but also a good eye, a good zoom and a good guide (hihi).

Photo: Zedd