WPC: Dinnertime, children

There was the subject of cook for another challenge not so long ago, so today let me concentrate on the places where we also eat when we don’t eat at home, even though there are some photos from there as well. More info in the captions. Buon appetito!

Photo: a © signature mmm production

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Dinnertime

Darling Nicky, cin cin!

Today celebrates my oldest (that is, earliest) friend.

First her father and my father met in their Maribor, went to school and played basketball together for team Branik. Below is a photo from 1963. (I’ll let you guess who the fathers are. :D) (ADD-IT: I removed the fresh re-enactment of this photo because it will be published in a book soon.)


Then they married (one woman each) and moved to Ljubljana. First her father, then mine. Then we were born in the same year, first her, then me. Then came the year when she got a brother, and me a sister. Then they got a dog.

Thank you for hosting us at your beautiful summer camp on the island of Krk last summer (more photos from there here). Who would say that you’d find a place that can rival Duba.

I hope we can one day have some fun together over here – possibly with the third gracia – and talk about the times when we were crazy and young. Welcome! (Captions available by clicking on each photo)

Photo: MM & MC (Oldest friends) & MB (Three gracias) & archive MB (basketball team)

Tanti auguuuuuuuuuuuri per te
tanti auguuuuuri per te
tanti auguri, cara Nika
tanti auguri per te!

WPC: Monopoly

Mono and poly – if colours are concerned, I’m definitely a poly person. In fact, I barely do mono, so the first four photos I took today after learning about this week’s challenge. The rest of them are here as a proof that I don’t think of monochromatic as drab.

Photo: MM

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.”

Captain Krk

Welcome to the Adriatic, the sea where, relatively speaking, nothing ever happens. And yet everything is here.

Correction: you might step on a sea-urchin.

The island Krk (Italian: Veglia) is the largest Croatian island (or about equal in measure to Cres) and the most northern one. I used to hop around the two quite often in the past. Last week I visited Krk again with amore and without bestia to visit a friend. It’s been about 20 years. It is even more beautiful than I remember.

Here we are.

On a windy day. The bora wind blows either 1, 3 or 5 days.

The camp has four beaches: the main umbrella-covered one, the dog+boat beach, the tiny sandy one and the less crowded nude beach (hidden from view on the photos). Guess where we were.

All in all, a top-notch experience. Thank you, Nika!

Photo: MM