A Minority Report scene that haunts me

1:35:33 into Minority Report, directed by Steven Spielberg. I DID try to find the scene as such, in moving pictures, but I couldn’t. I found a transcript though. Here it is.

Jon (Tom Cruise) is walking with Agatha (Samantha Morton), a girl who can see the future. She clearly understands everything that is happening better than Jon does, so he must rely on her direction. The two of them are in a shopping mall, trying to evade capture by the police. She gives Jon seemingly random instructions, which Jon has a difficult time of reconciling, since they at first seem to slow them down. However, because of Agatha’s awareness of all that is going on, the two are able to escape. 


    • Can you see the umbrella? Take it. (JON leads her past it.) Take it!
    • (Jon grabs the umbrella.)


    • A man in a blue suit—he drops a briefcase.
    • (Man drops briefcase.)


    • You see a woman in a brown dress. She knows your face.
    • (Woman watches JON and AGATHA pass by)


    • Turn in here. Wait.


    • No, we can’t stop here.


    • Do you see the balloon man? Wait. Wait.
    • (The agents are seen running along the balcony. JON and AGATHA are standing in plain view.)


    • What are we waiting for?


    • Wait, Wait. Wait. Wait.
    • (Balloons block view from where the agents stand.)


    • Anyone have a view?


    • Negative.


    • Scott, Ramos, take the east end. Everyone else let’s go.
    • (AGENTS run off, and JON and AGATHA continue again.)


    • : (stopping to talk to a seemingly random lady) He knows; don’t go home.
    • (The two are recognized by RAMOS.)


    • We’ve got eyes on.
    • (JON and AGATHA pass a homeless man.)


    • Drop some money.
    • (JON drops money for the man. As the man reaches to pick it up, the AGENTS enter and trip over him. Upon going outside, JON sees that it is raining, and marvels over the umbrella AGATHA made him pick up. He opens the umbrella, one among many plain black umbrellas as viewed from above, and they escape undetected.)
        • ____________________________________________________________________
        • Sometimes I feel this way too.
        • Sometimes I say it out loud, to warn another, sometimes I don’t.
        • And when I don’t, I’m always sorry.
        • I remember one time someone put a vase with flowers outside on the table.
        • It was heavy and crystal and full of water.
        • Still, I could see it falling, by the wind.
        • And I said so.
        • And he said: Nahhh.
        • And I didn’t do anything.

2010 april 003

      • That’s why there are vase remains in the gold fish pond, sis.
      • Photo: MM

ADD-IT: Finally, after 3+ years, somebody sent me the link with the scene. 😉 Thank you, argw27! Here it is:

ADD-IT: Alas, the link stopped working… Who will send me the new one?


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    I have never reblogged anything of mine before. Today is just a Wednesday for it. Some people still access my first blog on account of this post because somebody posted the link in a forum. I wonder if this Minority Report scene is already online or this transcript is still all there is. My apologies to Joey who remains the only one to have liked the original post.

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