Modelling in spare time. Vatican. Photo: a © signature mmm production

If there is any follower left who isn’t yet aware of my new blog, please let’s move over here for more moments to spare, new time to waste and more positive presence (I’ve been called thus by a blogger, thank you, Nick).

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Spare

A ceramic workshop near Fez. Photo: ©mtc

For all who has not made the transition to my new blog yet, here is a teaser from Morocco, taken by my uncle with his Nokia phone of all things.

This blog will soon not self-destruct, rather come full circle and lay silent, but hopefully not dusty.

Come see the dunes and more over here:

Tonight Papa visited my blog in my dreams with his official account and commented that he loved churches, monasteries and Italy. Taken two weeks ago for Roma’s birthday in Vatican. Photo: a © signature mmm production

Since I love learning new words and Sylvain asked for “incongruous”: not that I’m out of place or not in harmony, but before I lied down this had been a poppy field… Don’t know how I could miss every single one of them. (If you don’t count that tired one front left. Goes well with the grey).

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 41: Incongruous

Since I’ve only taken two panoramas in my life, I call my sister to the rescue. She has at least three, and they rock. I’m not sure if they are supposed to be so… tiny. Anyway, Sylvain wants them for his challenge and here they are. First both of mine:

Largo di Santa Susanna in Roma

Il giardino dei tarocchi.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

And these are my sister’s:


Inside the Pantheon, Roma

Porto Ercole

Photo: Klu

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 40: Panorama

Catpotting in Roma. Photo: a © signature mmm production

I’ve been sitting on these for a month and now they will serve as a suitable land-escape. They happened when we reached the top of Castiglione della Pescaia and looked down. The sea colour is natural and the clouds said they would contribute. Sometimes this is all it takes.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Landscape

“Pasqua is close.” This is what amore said when I told him about the many baby sheep I’d seen. Ever a romantic.

When driving in the countryside like this, we often encounter flocks of sheep.

They go well with the surroundings and remind me of all those National Geographic photos I marvelled at as a child and used for the protection of my notebooks until they faded. We become what we surround ourselves with when young. As for the coming Easter – love your neighbours so much you could eat them.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

This is yesterday’s sunset with my first ever watermark at the bottom. I guess I’ll be needing one. I know an expert should handle these things but this is what I’ve come up with. Your honest opinions welcome. Photo: MM
ADD-IT: Instead of Photo: MM, I’ll say from now on:
Photo: a © signature mmm production