Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cars

Since motion and mobilisation is the predominant theme these days, I hopped on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge which is all about cars this week. Here are five examples of what you can see in Italy. Captions as follows:

1. Above: From one cat laughing to another, regards from Pitigliano.
Down, from top:
2. In Pisa all things are a bit askew. Red Alfa.
3. What are you doing here, handsome? A Morgan in Capalbio Scalo.
4. Passing by a Fiat 500 wedding, in Pitigliano.
5. For a week, life imitated blog.

Photo: MM

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Life imitates blog II.

Life imitates blog, case in point II. (Case in point I. is here, that time it was the wall paint colour.)

This blog’s punchline is Because words are pressing and words make worlds and that little sign there looks like a Volkswagen. So it just warmed my heart to see this sign on my visitors’ car. And it helped that its colour was of my Peugeot which was driving me around the island of Crete for a month.

It has proved to be just as good environment as these pages. Grazie, macchina, and the driver.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈

Photo: MM