Voluble Monday

It’s not Silent Sunday because it’s Monday and there are words, but this photo is very telling.

This building in the very centre of Ljubljana has hosted Nama department store since I know of myself. Until recently it also gave home to the Večer newspaper Ljubljana office, on its top floor, where my father worked for several years, and a few floors down there was Slovene Emigrant Office (SIM) where I spent a few years of my only office time, editing and writing and translating for a couple of newspapers for Slovenians living abroad.

It was good. I could bring my dog. And I was able to work with Vida and Maja (mentioned in my About me), which will always count as nothing but good times.

And now, now the new urban planning has eliminated traffic from the street below and planted trees. The building is refurbished. The sailor has lost his Evening (Večer) ship, and the sailoress is left without her “Native soil” (translation of Rodna gruda, one of the newspapers for Slovenians abroad).

And through it all the ship Nama sails on. And it’s good: even though sellers might seem at times like they don’t really wish to sell you anything, it was here that my amore bought his coppola.

Another voluble photo from his first winter visit: amore from Italy + coppola from Nama halfway between Nama and Tivoli in Ljubljana in front of a photo of Maribor featuring my grandmother’s apartment.

Photo: MM

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈