Stara Baška

Captain Krk

Welcome to the Adriatic, the sea where, relatively speaking, nothing ever happens. And yet everything is here.

Correction: you might step on a sea-urchin.

The island Krk (Italian: Veglia) is the largest Croatian island (or about equal in measure to Cres) and the most northern one. I used to hop around the two quite often in the past. Last week I visited Krk again with amore and without bestia to visit a friend. It’s been about 20 years. It is even more beautiful than I remember.

Here we are.

On a windy day. The bora wind blows either 1, 3 or 5 days.

The camp has four beaches: the main umbrella-covered one, the dog+boat beach, the tiny sandy one and the less crowded nude beach (hidden from view on the photos). Guess where we were.

All in all, a top-notch experience. Thank you, Nika!

Photo: MM