Sarajevo 1984

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: (Non)Sense of hearing

A little aurally-visual journey for Cee’s sense challenge.

It begins sombrely, in Prague, with a choir practicing.

It continues on the Spanish steps in Roma with another choir, Scandinavian. It was sudden. The beautiful notes startled us and made us smile. (Or join in – mom used to be a choir singer too.)

Two years ago I got my first record player for my birthday. All things come to those who wait.

With the player came a stack of old records and this bilingual collection of New Yugoslav Poetry. Nothing about Yugoslavia will ever be new again.

This is the wall in a restaurant in Piran, Slovenia by the name of Sarajevo 1984. There were winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, that year and I was 14 years old. More on that here. These are album covers of Yugoslav musicians of the time. The inscription below says: “If you are falling off a rock, you might as well try to fly. There is nothing to lose.”

Two images from my 40th birthday celebration 5 years ago. That grin is self-explanatory.

And to conclude: a proof that mom is indeed a rapper.

Photo: MM (and one by an anonymous friendly person)



SL-WEEK 10: Windows of my soul

I like shooting windows almost as much as doors. There was a “Windows” folder waiting even before I saw the theme of this week’s Sylvain Landry’s challenge. I love it when things align.

The above ones are multiple, the ones below are singular. They remind me of a photographer friend who used to have Ljubljana window shots published in our magazine. Thank you for showing me how it is done, Dunja! Maybe one day I’ll get it 😀

And to conclude, two personal windows to bring a smile to a few lips: a reflected kitchen window and the very beautiful and important roof window.

Photo: MM

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 10: Windows challenge