SL-WEEK 37: Electrifying

Since amore is electrician, he approves of Sylvain’s challenge this week. He immediately produced a neat little wiry box for me to shoot – whatever it may be. As it is, I have plenty of related images.

Ljubljana New Year’s light jungle and an inspector.

For the hungry in Ljubljana – sadly, they were idle.

Cherry light fixtures in Lolita, Ljubljana.

This is how I do it.

Piran clock tower and cables.

A combinatian of ancient and electric in Lucca.

Mad scientist lab in Lucca (for instance).

Back to daily views: Capalbio stazione.

The view off Capalbio with a lone lamp.

And my favourite: I thought it was graffiti but apparently this is how here they warn people about electricity: “Who enters dies.” How Dantesque.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 37: Electricity

WPC: Weight, what?

This week’s WPC theme has hit me right on the head. The “less” part sounds like a joke. I could post images of feathers, balloons and the like, surely. I’ve also considered skipping it but it would bad form. We are truthful around here. Did you notice that there have been no current photos of mine on here lately? Below is how I spent my New Year’s vacation, and this is why: I’m afraid I wouldn’t fully fit in a photo. She’s not heavy, she’s a hedonist… Right?

First there was lots of sea food: in Roma for Christmas and in a lovely fish canteen in Portorož.

Then it was New Year’s dinner in which uncle had his (hardly) favourite truffle-ricotta ravioli with panna, and amore made his now already famous Pandoro farcito.

Then there was a change of scenery to the snow in Ljubljana, where various cakes needed to be had, first in Cacao with photographer Dunja (who snapped it for me with my camera, thank you!) and then with Mateja in Lolita, the most stylish Ljubljana sweatshop (ADD-IT: hihihi meant to say sweetshop!) with cherry light fixtures.

Then we went to Velenje to see Alenka and on the way just had to stop at Trojane and buy a few of Slovenian most famous donuts.

All this was finally cemented with čevapčiči in Das ist Valter, Bosnian restaurant in Ljubljana, with the beer that “is almost better than Union”, as could be heard off the record by an insider.

Now gimme a fennel to nibble, will you.

As close-up as I dare.

Photo: MM + orange cake by Dunja Wedam

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Weight(less)