WPC: Extra(ordinary)

Extraordinarily, how it is all about perception in life…

An extra-ordinarily crammed shop.

And yet one can always find a happy-making object.

18-10-15 004 (1280 x 947)

Even more than one.

An (extra)ordinary lagoon (at Orbetello).

Birds will be birds.

Except when they are pinkish flamingos! (This image is thanks to my zoom, I have yet to see them as up close. They like to stay away.)

Coffee will be coffee (never, if you ask Italians), but this one (in Porto Santo Stefano) is extra happy-making. Do yourself a favour: be extraordinary. Live happily.

Photo: MM

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”


Animal post

One of these days is the birthday of a great animal lover and a good friend who faces a change of pace and life. That’s why I’m sending little and not so little helpers to your aid. I hope you return one day to observe them in their natural habitat.

The first one is a mystery that will be disclosed in the end:

To stick with mammals, we’ve got a peculiarity, the Tuscan Tree Cat:

And here is something in between, a nutria, and the orange teeth are the real deal:

Here are a couple of couples, a mom and a daughter and my mom with a friend:

And here we can see who the model was for this Orvieto shop owner:

Here are the flamingos for which Orbetello lagoon is famous but we have not yet seen them closer than this:

Here is an encounter with a duck:

And here are some more flyers resting:

To conclude: your favourites.

And for the very end, your friend, happy to discover this beautiful river. (And yes, it is his tail higher up in the grass!)

Photo: MM