chocolate salami

Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day but only in Slovenia, if we believe Wikipedia. How lucky then that mom is Slovenian out of all nations. And how lucky that I was born near her.

Last year I wrote about how we found our first dog in the trash on this day. Talking about a present. Here he is, his name was Žak:

This year amore is cutting chocolate salami for you, mom, but you’ll have to fight bestia for it. 😀 (nahh, we don’t let him eat that! It’s got rum!)

And now let us sing all together with Slovenian vocal orchestra Perpetuum Jazzile (check out their youtube channel for more amazing a cappella singing) for my mom and all the mothers in the world:


Photo: a © signature mmm production

SL-WEEK 35: Some cook, others eat

First I read the theme as book and had a photo of my new 7 acquisitions ready. They will have to wait for one of the next posts.

Then I thought it was food, and still wanted to post the books. They are soul food after all, and two of the books are about food (yep, got myself two Pollans). But since Sylvain said cook, here are some of my favourite home-made dishes.

Make no mistake: the chefs are amore and father (the last two photos). Oh, the strudel – that was mine, all mine. (Names of dishes in captions)

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 35: Cook