Mindblowing Morocco

A ceramic workshop near Fez. Photo: ©mtc

For all who has not made the transition to my new blog yet, here is a teaser from Morocco, taken by my uncle with his Nokia phone of all things.

This blog will soon not self-destruct, rather come full circle and lay silent, but hopefully not dusty.

Come see the dunes and more over here:


  1. I have made the transition and moved with you. I was wondering why until I read you new “about me” piece. Coincidentally, I was uploading the other day and saw that my blog was reading 43% full and I thought – what do I do when it’s full. Well, now I know, 😉

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    1. Oh, I’m glad you did, RR. I’m sure there are other options for when it happens, such as resize the photos even more, but I’m quite happy to round up my first blog and start a new one. Kids grow. 🙂


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