Since I’m inarticulate, I express myself with images.
—Helen Levitt

Nah. Just lazy. In Orbetello. Photo: a © signature mmm production



    1. 🙂 You often post images that please my inner child so much. Mexico is like that, it seems, always a riot, of colours, noise, patterns. Italy is a BIT more organised, they are big on style, but I’d guess the more to the south you go, the crazier it gets. I have not yet crossed the south-of-Rome Rubicon. They say it’s another country.


      1. Haha, Judy, you stay close and you’ll see what all you’ve missed. Here is something marvellous behind every corner. Rome is FULL of tourists but also full of beauty. In this case, the latter is worth the former. 🙂


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