Thursday Doors, May 5

A few weeks ago we had a lovely stroll along Via Appia Antica, one of the oldest roads in Roma.

We walked for at least 5 km and it was manageable even in high-heel boots over such stones as these, still original from 312 B.C. when the road was built, dent and all. (If you believe it. It was told most earnestly.)

First we had a lovely lunch at a friend’s house in the green.

Then we went on our walk. One would expect ruins and not as many doors. Alas, where I go, there they are. It started with some unassuming gates but it soon escalated. The last nine photos were taken in six minutes.

All in all, an excellent Sunday. The second half of Appia Antica doors will follow on another Thursday.

And if anybody was worried, I’m over my overdoored state. Today I already took three new door photos. 😉

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. LOVE!! To be able to walk down a road of such history and longevity!
    So much to like in your photos, I had to look at them several times.

    In terms of an overall scene, I love the composition and shadows of the 3rd photo with the simple wooden gate. This photo makes me want to walk down this road!
    Choosing a door was harder, but I think I would have to go with the green door with the matching shutters on the 2nd floor. It is set so beautifully into the stone wall.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s addictive.
    Wow on your selection today, but then, you do have a knack for capturing wows, don’t you? 🙂
    I love the one with the ivy encroaching, but then I love the gate with the wisteria — too hard to choose!

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  3. Magnificent doors and gates. I spent a weekend in Rome but only had barely enough time to see the main attractions. I would have loved to do more sight-seeing of places such as those in your beautiful photographs.

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