MM 2-51: Monochrome Madness

My contribution to this week’s Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness surprised me a great deal when I reverted it back to the original.

First, the end product:

And this was the original:

I had to look a few times if this was indeed the same image.

How can I say this… I’m rather proud of it.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Leanne Cole’s MM 2-51: Monochrome Madness


      1. Sometimes I think : either the tree called out in some way or else something inside you saw past the obvious, and probably both. I have had this feeling myself of wondering how I knew to see this thing or that thing myself, and I have come to the conclusion there is something at work I don’t understand but I just go along and enjoy. Mystery unsolved and so I keep trying!

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    1. Oh, I do as well, but this challenge I’ve been following since coming on here, it’s got amazing images, and lately I’ve even started to dare to contribute. In this particular case you cannot say you prefer the image in colour though! It’s so boring! 🙂


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