I’ve never felt like writers who invent stories must be feeling. It was always impossible for me to imagine being somebody else.

The latest reap of what they sowed. Some of them were recommended by you, kind bloggers, and some other people far away. 

Once I got this advice from an experienced writer whom I met in Denmark but was Irish: “Write the things you wish to tell the people around you.”

I looked at him while whispering on the inside: “But I tell them all the time. Aloud. Instead.”

I guess I’ve liked being me too much. I like my beliefs, what I stand for, my preferences, my taste.

I like my patterns, there is nothing in my past (and barely anything in my present) that I’d like to change.

Once I took part as a test bunny in a seminar for healers, and they asked me to state one thing about myself that I’d like to change.

That made me a bit angry. Why everybody supposes that we would like to change? Advertisers, sellers, fellow beings, therapists.

Except dogs. They are pretty sure in their unsupposing.

So I said: “Maybe we could work on my anger.”

Then came the past lives talk. Designing my own death in a Stefanel-inspired skirt with my neck on the chopping block in a forested area in Highlander times was fun.

But I’m not a writer. So it must have really happened. 😀

It’s true though: the only stories I gather are my own.

Luckily at least one is happening at all times.

Now – photography, on the other hand…

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈

Photo: a © signature mmm production


  1. I think you did a great job of writing this post, Manja, and that makes you a writer in my book. I take it the brick wall is either what you ‘bang your head off’ when frustrated with people asking you what you would change about yourself, or does it represent ‘writer’s block’ 😉

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    1. Hihi, Jean, could be both! 🙂 Actually, I find this photo somehow painterly, considering what a boring wall this really is. The thing is that I love to write, it’s just that I must only write about myself. Thanks dog for blogging. 😀 And thank you!

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  2. Thanks for the new perspective. I’m never thought of myself as a storyteller. Although I have LOADS of imagination, I can’t apply it to writing fiction. On the other hand, we all have a story to tell …our own. That’s pretty cool 🙂

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