MM 2-49: Piran Monochrome Madness

Long time no Piran.

I remembered the photo above taken last summer and sent it to Leanne Cole for this week’s Monochrome Madness. Below is first the photo as it was taken, in colour, followed by more photos of Piran’s boats and sea. Photography-wise, Slovenia will certainly not waste your time, merely steal it. (Seeing that the Croatian National Tourist Board proclaimed on social media recently that Croatia will waste your time.)

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Leanne Cole’s MM 2-49: Monochrome Madness


  1. Aaaahh!!!! LOVELY!!!! Piran is really high on my travel list now, thanks to you! I want to be there right now. Hubby just commented on the architecture in your pics. Maybe I’ll be able to drag him along, after all 😉

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      1. The sun is a very common occurrence 🙂 There is a strong ‘bora’ wind too, very often. Kind of like in Greece but not nearly as warm. 🙂 They say it brings the sun because it clears the sky…

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