WPC: St. Gregory’s One Love

13-8-15 051 (1280 x 960)
In Slovenia, today is what the image of Mengeš pavement above proclaims, Gregorjevo, St. Gregory’s, Slovenian Valentine’s Day. According to the old calender, it was the first day of spring and the day when birds mate.

For WPC: One Love challenge I have gathered half a year’s worth of bird photos because the saying goes that the first bird you see today will resemble your future spouse.

The birds on the first three photos are Slovenian. The next three photos were taken at Miramare castle near Trieste. Those resting on the Tevere river are in Roma. The rest are local, geese included. For these I’m especially glad they survived Christmas. We shall see about Easter. The one through the window was taken without standing up from my computer. I swear. Talking about comfy. When I went out to take some more, only those four remained online.

And the last one is mine. I shall make good wife.

Be like birds, fly single or in flock – in fact, the fiercer the bird, less need of a flock – mate or not, sing or clack or chirp or perch totally silent. Just be sure to bring on One Love. Even if St. Gregory in question is House M.D. 😀

Photo: a © signature mmm production

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: One Love


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