Thursday Doors, March 10

This week I was sorely tempted to use a door photo for ANOTHER challenge. I know!!

But I saved it, no matter how harmonious the first image might be and would suit my WPC: Har-money can’t buy post. This is a kind of photo that I’d swoon over if it was taken by somebody else, wish to live there or at least visit, and generally just feel thrilled to be able to view it. And now it’s mine.

The second photo is mom getting the feel of the doorspotting sport. Both were taken right here in Capalbio. As was the third, just on the sea side of it.

My three green doors for this week. Many many more taken. It was a busy week, not just door-wise.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.



      1. No, I’m looking at a pretty big screen. I am somewhat colorblind and this is an area where I am never quite sure what I’m looking at. I do see the difference, but it’s hard to say for sure that it’s green.

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      1. I showed that one to my husband. I said, “Show off.” He was wowed too. He said it wouldn’t be too awful, walking out that door and into that view.
        It’s just about as perfect as a door could be! Fab photo! Truly!

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