Five pieces of here

In case you need some serenity, unhurriedness, eye-resting. I do. And I have.

Taken 20 days ago. Today was already 23 degrees C. It’s moving in the right direction.

Photo: MM



    1. It depends. If there is cool wind from the north coming, as they are saying now, it will go down to about 10, in the morning only a few degrees or even ice on the windshield, since the sea is 1.8 km away and it’s very humid. When no wind, it’s about 15. Today’s 23 were in a very sheltered sunny area. But then you can get a table-turning mini hurricane early March like last year.


      1. For the loooong stay that I’m (secretly) planning, it’ll be good to get to know the locals! So italiano, per favore! But at first, we’ll maybe just concentrate on the eating 😉 Ease our way in…

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