Thursday Doors, January 21

I’ve heard that people need their Thursday Doors dose so today quite a bunch of them, especially on the first photo featuring four. Piran was a little murky just before New Year’s Eve, but these doors stand out even so.

Photo: MM

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.



      1. I hope that too, but even though for you it might sound a piece of cake, there are about 800 km between the Tarot garden in the south of Tuscany in Italy and Piran in Slovenia. 🙂 Nothing an 8-hour drive couldn’t handle though.

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  1. This is a nice collection. I was going to say that I like the blue doors best, because I think that every time I see a blue door, but I like the arched wooden door in the canter bottom picture the best today. That door is a work of art.

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  2. Wow that blue! Like them but glad they are not in my backyard! Just kidding. Holland is more brown and muddy, the Mediterranean area has more blue 🙂 Just curious: is there a connection between you and a blogger namen Piran Cafe?

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    1. Thanks, Geert! No connection as such, except that he is one of my favourite bloggers and that Piran in his and my case is the same: a very picturesque town on the Slovenian coast where he was born (and where my parents have a house).

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    1. Oh, Kerry, thank you! He is indeed our dog, his name is Fonzie but we call him Bestia for the character 😀 He is very heavily represented around here, if you follow ‘Bestia’ tag, you will be able to see all millions of post with him in the picture.

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