Piran play-offs

First there were a collection of heart stones and a pile of bricks. But there was an artist in waiting.

Now the artist (which is mom) has joined them into the Piranske končnice project. Just as the pieces themselves, the name artfully combines the town of Piran, where they were made, and panjske končnice, traditional Slovenian painted beehive panels. As it happens, “končnica” can also mean “play-off”.

When I lifted one of them, another characteristic appeared: what I thought were masterfully arranged and glued olives trickled down to the floor, and I thought I broke something. But mom just smiled: her art is alive. Nothing is fixed. Everything is possible. One just has to let it simmer and percolate. Kind of like me and my words.

You come to the garden

and turn right

go around the well

and there they are

nothing is fixed yet

but the top left one is mine, and feet too

whereas Bestia is still choosing.

Artist: Meta Maksimovič
Photo: MM



  1. I remember your mom’s wonderful heart rocks–and the child who decided to throw them over the side of the wall! Hopefully, you retrieved them. I found 80 heart shaped rocks and shells and took them home and lined a part of my yard with them last year, then found my new dog carrying them all off. No telling where most of them now lie buried or obscured under plants, or, like your mom’s, tossed over the wall by Pasiano when he saw them and feared getting them cast up by the mower. When I get this year’s group back home, I’m going to have Eduardo somehow make them permanent in concrete, but seems a shame when they’ve been so free. Guess that happens to all things in nature in time…especially people! Yes..I’d love to meet your mom, Manja.

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      1. Well, I guess it depends what the owner wishes. Before giving each away, she finishes it off, namely glue the parts. And then it’s up to the new owner. When a friend received her as a gift, she immediately put it vertical. She thought that was the correct angle to look at it. 🙂 I have mine lying down on a shelf but I’m not happy… need to find a better place for it.

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