This town’s not big enough for the both of us

This town’s not big enough for the both of us

When my phone told me that the title of his new post included words “Martin Luther King” and “Ljubljana”, I knew it: it’s all gone to the dogs. Months of preparation, counting down percentage of my upload limit, choosing the theme, writing a new About me, and finally deciding on the new header image. And here is where it gets tricky.

My blog is slowly filling itself up, therefore the steps mentioned above had to be made. I’m still about 20% good so it will not happen immediately. But when it does, my new blog will almost certainly bear this header photo:

Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo: MM

And today, today is third Monday in January, which means it’s Martin Luther King, Jr.’s day in the USA. It comes naturally for any journalist/photographer to snap the image above should one be American and passing by. As it is, I happened to be in this city just recently. No surprises there, it is Ljubljana, my birth town.

But he is in town too. And he posted his first.

He has a passer-by, I have a bicycle and snow and uncut pipes showing. He has his levels level, whereas mine are all over the place. But most impressive is his translation of the left sentence, “Govori ljubezen.” It is “Speak love”, as in an imperative, whereas I would think it meant merely “Love speaks.” So we have the winner without even looking at the photo. (No matter how he needn’t have translated at all, just listened to the man himself.)

I wish to speak love, it is my imperative. And I know the power of words (the inscription on the right) as well. This will make a good introductory image to my new blog, no matter how imperfect and late to post and all.

Another thing: In the meantime I’ve left town. You can have it all to yourself, Bob. 🙂

/No true bad feelings involved in the making of this post, it’s all for laughs. I’m proud to share my eye with this man./


  1. 🙂

    What’s interesting to me is that “Love speaks” is just as correct. But it didn’t even occur to me; when I translate I do a straight word-by-word first, then change order etc when needed. In this case I didn’t bother.

    By the way, LJ visitors bureau informed me of the the source of the mural last night via twitter. I’ll post an update as soon as twitter starts working again. It’s been down –gasp!– for the past six minutes.

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    1. Hey, Bob. It might be correct, but if we were to translate Love speaks into Slovenian, in 75% of cases it would be Ljubezen govori and not the other way round. 🙂 The word order Govori ljubezen makes it into an imperative and I didn’t see that. Yes, I’ll be glad to hear about the source.

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