Happy January 16

This day I see a little bit like birthday too, even though mine will only follow in exactly four months. Let’s see.

It is because it has been the birthday of my first best friend in school, who is now far, and another good friend who is farther.

Since last year when I greeted both with a post on here, another has been added to form a happy trio. He lives on the other side of the world. The names of all three of them start with an M, incidentally. I don’t know so very much about him but for sure he loves dogs too.

That’s why I have decided to dedicate to all three of them the following selection of Texts from Dog. He is a bulldog (like me: Taurus + dog in Chinese, for any who take care of these things) and he sends SMS messages to his owner. If you don’t know him yet, check out his site. Apparently there are books out and all. Every time I read these, I look at my dog in a different light. He is about to start typing, I can feel it.

These are listed in the growing order of how much I love them. Bestia above is already laughing.

Wishing all three of you, and everybody else, much fun with these. Happy birthday and a great year ahead!


All taken from http://textfromdog.tumblr.com/.

And to add one of my own, of bestia on the beach in autumn:

“How do you mean, all the people have gone? Does that mean only bears are left??”

Photo: MM



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