I steak you

This is a drabble, a one-hundred-word account.

Greetings from Trastevere. For some reasons I thought night shots never amount to anything. Photo: MM

I steak you

Just today in Roma I entered a shop with many shirts.

I saw a shirt that I would buy if it wasn’t in one colour only, ugly brown. On it were a bear and a girl (or was it a boy?) walking hand in hand. The bear was huge.

They appeared pensive. There was a think bubble with a drawing hovering next to each head.

In hers was: A heart.

In his was: A steak.

The reason I entered this shop was its name.

It is called: Trust Nobody.

He said later: “But they didn’t need to be so blunt.”

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈


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