November 1st

It might be a holiday, but it’s not nearly the same as May 1st. It has always meant the cemetery, the chestnuts, the candles, the ikebanas, the gathering, without the scary and fun Hallo-Wien undertones – I’m a child of socialism and proud of it.

So today my family visited the graves of my grandparents and other relatives once again, like I used to do along with them every year. Sometimes there was snow, heavy rain, sleet, cold, or it was a lovely autumn day. This morning they were even greeted by a little earthquake (well, over 4 on one of the scales) with the epicentre not far from the only Slovenian nuclear power plant. That was practically built on a tectonic break. Fragile indeed.

The fact that the earthquake was almost exactly where migrants have been entering Slovenia for a while now will go without mentioning. But here is how I have been feeling all this time, regardless of the fact that I am removed already:

 By Arend Van Dam

What I did today was go around with the bike and bestia and gather some photo flora for a virtual ikebana, in memory of all who once were warriors but are not here any more.

And also for me a little. Today marks eight years since I stopped smoking. All of you who are still smoking: today I’ll make an exception and let you read what I think about you. 🙂 (Which is to say: STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! No need to thank me. You’ll thank yourself later.)

Happy November. As months go, it’s not that bad.

Photo: MM



  1. I quit smoking about a year and a half ago. Not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, so of course, I’m glad I did it.
    I love the comic about refugees. I relate completely. I fail to understand the fear of my countrymen.
    I’m fond of November 🙂

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