Thursday Doors, October 1

For this week’s Thursday Doors we take a look at Križanke, which translates as crosswords. It is a splendid concert venue in my original hometown Ljubljana in Slovenia, which architect Jože Plečnik created next to a church and inside a courtyard of a former monastery.

In the photo above there is the entrance to the church. To the right there is the City Museum of Ljubljana (last photo below) and to the left there is the main entrance to the venue. Apart from a number of local artists, the concerts that I have experienced here range from Dog Eat Dog & Biohazard, Henry Rollins Band, Duran Duran, Smashing Pumpkins, The Pixies, The Sugarcubes (with Bjork) to Nick Cave, Bobby McFerrin, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Lou Reed, Manu Chao and a variety of world music artists at the annual Druga godba festival.

I don’t have any photos of the main theatre, which is open-air but has a roof, but I do have some from the other side of the wall. Those without a ticket used to sit all around the venue on benches, happy to have a smoke and a drink and a listen. True: some also seized a chance when the security were engaged elsewhere and climbed the fence. Not any more. The noise of the crowd and traffic outside could reach such levels that some “sensitive” performers demanded that not only the street closes for traffic but that people are prohibited from strolling outside as well. As you can imagine, this action spurred civil protests. Concert noise police: another thing that happens if you live long enough.

To conclude: first one of his poems in English (I let somebody else translate for a change) followed by the original, and then the Križanke church in its entirety.

A Small Coat
by Srečko Kosovel

Translated by Ana Jelnikar & Barbara Siegel Carlson

I would like to walk around
in a small coat of

But hidden underneath should be
a warm, bright world.

What is wealth?
What is luxury?
For me it is this:
a small coat I have,
and this coat is like
no other.

Srečko Kosovel:
Majhen plašč

Jaz bi hodil
v majhnem plašču

Ali pod tem naj se skriva
topel, svetál svet.

Kaj je bogastvo?
Kaj je razkošje?
Zame je eno:
majhen plašč imam
in ta plašč ni nobenemu

Photo: MM

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


      1. Totally agree 🙂 Over here (trying not to publically mention where exactly, to not give my home a bad rep! Though I’ve told you before, so you might remember), there are rules about everything, it’s just so ridiculous! Don’t do this or that, fences to stop entering, don’t step on the grass, blah…

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