Thursday Doors, September 17

Today a little ditty to go with the doors. And no need to repeat CBIT (Can’t Believe It’s Thursday).

Add-it: The ditty in the captions is not visible to all, it appears, that’s why I repeat it here:

Some come with Uncle, don’t mind the mismatch,
others with beer umbrellas and latch.
Some with graffiti,
and some with leaves,
some sporting flowers come with a beast.
Despite saying ‘Doggie’ some come with a cat
and if one is really lucky
some come with Dad.

1, 2: Motovun, Croatia
3: Ljubljana, Slovenia
4-8: Grožnjan, Croatia

Photo: MM

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


      1. OK. I have a hard tim getting the gallery slide shows to start =, so I just make the page bigger and scroll around. It works, but I miss the captions. I think it’s a “fat finger” problem 😦

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  1. I don’t tell you enough how much solace I get from your Thursday Doors. So, I wanted to tell you now. Besides being someone with a “door thing,” there is a continuity of life that your Thursday Doors posts give me in a world that has gone a bit erratic for me of late. So, thank you for being my “It’s Thursday. You’ve made it another week.” voice. Blessings.

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