WPC: Connectingcut

Here are some examples of how we stay connected. Photos are in couples as it should be. (Also, nothing has to do with Connecticut.)

First it’s the wires and the flowers. Bežigrad, Ljubljana.

More wires and flowers and a pigeon, in Piran.

More and more often a quiet spot is needed to connect. In Piran.

Up on Tinjan, on Italian-Slovenian border, and the view off it.

Piran, the board next to the monument erected on the occasion of Slovenia’s entry into the European Union. Translated, the poem by Slovenian poet Tone Pavček goes like this: The sun travels from the East to the West, making people happy here and there. Let us be the sun! (Translated by MM)

And then it’s again the bike and the leash and home.

But my favourite ways of connecting go something like this. Photos from two of my recent posts (first: Ljubljana, second: Piran).

Photo: MM

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”


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