Thursday Doors, August 21

Yesterday I took 350 photo. I bet almost 200 of them were of doors, because my uncle kept yelling DOOORS at noticing any candidate. It was Thursday after all.

The trip was to the Croatian Istria peninsula, just across the border with Slovenia. The route was Grožnjan (Italian: Grisignana), Završje (Italian: Piemonte), Oprtalj (it. Portole) and Motovun (it. Montona) with an international film festival. To say that it reminded me of home, sounds a bit cocky, but I am a Tuscan now after all.

The rest of the towns will get their share of fame in the future, but today’s doors are all from Završje which is called Piemonte in Italian (just like Slovenian coast, this Croatian territory is bilingual as well). Unlike other towns it is practically abandoned.

First there is the church.

From it leads the old Romanesque road. And the doors that line it are in their last breaths.

As you reach the top, the doors must stop calling themselves that.

But there are also more familiar scenes: another church, a rare inhabited house with beautiful entrance, and your tired but happy traveller.

Photo: MM & BM (last)

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


  1. So many beautiful doors. I love the one struggling to hold back on the wood and the one that burst at the bottom. My favorite is the arch doors in the stone wall. Thanks for sharing a great collection.

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  2. What an amazing collection, I’m so jealous! If I ever travel to your part of the world you have to take me door hunting with you 😉
    I think my favourite is the 2nd to last, the louvered door leading to the little balcony, but all of these shots are wonderful. Well done!

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  3. What a stunning array of beauty in stone and wood. My favorite is the one with off-center door and two windows (a splash of turquiose). But I love them all!! Where are you in Tuscany and why? Perhaps I missed a post that told me that!

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    1. Oh Sammy, there were many posts as to why but probably more in the past: the answer is I’m in Tuscany for love! I live in the very south of Tuscany, Capalbio area, for two and a half years now. Right now though I’m visiting my old country and yesterday I went to Croatia which reminded me of my new home. Thank you for your door love!

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    1. Oh, Judy, we had such a good day that I’m making ready a WPC post on the subject right now 😉 But the multitude of remaining door shots I’m saving for coming Thursdays. And for the record: dad was with us too 😀

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