This is how this Slovenian town is pronounced. Mengeš, the town of the Primus door. It’s not a place people would roam to – it’s close to the airport, yet not in the direction of the capital. Maybe that’s why it has remained as it was, and why my friend lasted there as long as he has. Soon that period of his life will be over so this is a kind of tribute.

Mengeš is a good primer of Slovenian town. (In Slovenian, primer means “instance”, in English it means something else, I’m sure, but right now can’t be bothered.)

The forest grows out of the houses.

The mayor is prone to art.

It is home of the happiest chickens (but they will bite into that apple sooner or later) and at least one major horse lover.

It brings the past to mind, and in many ways spells Slovenia to me, 100% volunteers and all.

Stammi bene!

Photo: MM



      1. Slovenian!! How freakin cool. From where? Well, in Ljubljana there was this hill with the remains of a castle. Now, there is a castle and people think it’s like hundreds of years old!!

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      2. Born and raised in Bežigrad, Ljubljana’s northern borough. And I’m proof that the castle has always been up, it’s just that the crane was always up as well. A fixture, on children’s drawings too. And if one lives long enough, they build a funicular to the top. I guess ‘remains’ is a relative term. 😀

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      3. I don’t know how old you are, but in 1969…”remains” was remains, meaning no walls, no structure except a waist-high wall foundation (I have photos sitting on it), so yeah “something” has always been there, but not that structure that is there now…except the foundation. Unless, I dreamed all that back then in 1969!! And that’s possible. I had some good dreams in those days!

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  1. I didn’t realize that you were Slovenian… I have only heard wonderful things about the country and its capital. I have never been but it is on my long to wish to see list. Looks like a sweet village. 🙂

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    1. Yeah! I love hearing that. You’re the second blogger in a few days to be surprised that I was Slovenian, from the capital no less. I guess I need to flaunt it more! And I thought that I kept going on and on about it, with Piran in every second post. I like to say that we are the nation on the best location (it’s just the people that spoilt it :D).

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