SL-Week 1: Moi

Maybe this is cheating because I didn’t take this photo (and I’ve posted it before), but this is the most defining photograph of moi.

My father took it and it shows his father and little me. He is trying to be his usual scary self, and failing. I am not buying it. And he knows it.

It is not surprising that I expect, as I go through life, that I will disarm everybody with my mere presence.

This is plant-watering bottle, I presume, not rakija. Are these Večer newspapers in the background? And why are his sleeves turned up, while I’m wearing my winter coat? I’d be eager to hear what the conversation was about. Dad?

For Sylvain Landry’s “SL-WEEK 1: Moi” challengeThank you, Sylvain, for the invitation and the challenge!


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