Happy birthday, dedek J.

Today we celebrate my grandfather on the mother’s side, here with his wife, my grandmother.

I just had your son over for two weeks. He came to visit me in Italy, I think you would approve since you had always spoken well of Italy and visited it often. You wouldn’t believe things he was eating, though.

This reminds me of the oldest tarok player who I saw last at the New Year tournament in Union brewery in Ljubljana, just a few weeks before his passing. He had lived a long time, seen plenty and experienced highs and lows. He came to where I was sitting with my Italian amore and told us something like this: “I was in Italian prison and despite this fact I will never be able to say anything bad about Italians.”

I think you would agree. Tanti auguri, dedek!

And here you are under a hat in the most excellent (yet rather badly scanned) photo there could be (thanks, dad!), of little me surrounded by all four of my grandparents.

Photo: BM



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