Pleh post

I can’t even describe it, let alone translate it, but there is a Slovenian expression for a woman who only hangs around a man for his car. It’s so rude that I’m not giving it here, suffice to say that “pleh“, meaning car’s body work, is the first part of the expression, and the second part is… another body part.

Anyway, no matter that I have on occasion posted car photos or written about them, I’m NOT it. And I can’t remember when I last noticed a new car and liked it (speaking of regular cars, not sporty spices). They are all the same, soulless, dark, boring mass. As if there is somebody seeing to it that no manufacturer comes up with something pretty, alluring, aesthetic. In this case all the rest would be at a disadvantage.

And yet I managed to fall in love just recently. A supermarket parking lot, almost 40 degrees, strolling around with the dog waiting for the shoppers, and I’ve been hit. He (not speaking of humans inside) cruised by noiselessly and I forgot to close my mouth, following it with my gaze. I tried to figure out what sold it. And then it hit me: it’s not a shiny happy people’s car. It’s matte, murky and moody.

If something isn’t from the Earth, this isn’t. I think I’ve been reading too much sf.

But then again… Brought to you by someone too overwhelmed to even figure out the make (Audi??).

Who cares, I’ll reverse image search it when I’m buying my next car.


Photo: MM


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