Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide.

—Donald Woods Winnicott

Hiding in plain sight. Roma. Photo: MM

Today I’ve been pleasantly surprised to be nominated by Cosme at bCL Photography in a challenge to post three of my favourite quotes on three consecutive days, one day each. I tend to post quotes quite regularly, and many of my favourites have already been posted. However, quotes are neverending, and this is what I love about them.
Above is the first in this series. It describes me so very well that I might well be an artist if what I did on here were either communicate or hide. What I do instead is show, and tell. Not very artistic, that. How somebody as talented describes me is even more jaw-dropping than nomination. I’ve never been called “ripping” before. 🙂 And to say that I know what is important in a photograph is just so not what I think about myself. But I take it most gladly, thank you very much!
Now I have to nominate three fellow bloggers and pass the quote challenge on to them. (Actually I was supposed to nominate three every day but I cut that down to three overall.) I have chosen thus:
– ada from my world of melancholy: She was one of the first I started to follow because she was hopping around my home country and we share neighbouring mittel-European roots. Her photos remind me of everything that is not here where I am now. And I like her humour.
– nelkumi from What does nelkumi think?: The way she does it, from her edge of jungle and with her dogs, makes me think of what it means to live. And I like her strength.
– Robin from dreamer girl: She is right now in the middle of a big change. She loves quotes so much that this challenge is made for her and I’m sure she will come up with some great ones. Even if things need to settle a bit first. And I like her lust for life.
You do not need to take the challenge, of course, but I’d be happy if you would. Thank you.


  1. The nomination by Cosme led me here. I love that quote – it is so accurate. And love the photo which pretends to be a landscape yet hidden in the foreground are the couple under the tree.


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