The man in the window

What was your life’s turning point? I was asked.

It was not the moment when I said Yes to your invitation to visit.

It was not the moment when I first saw you, or the first hug, the first kiss.

It was not the first night we spent together or the first morning we woke up next to each other.

Neither the first breakfast, coffee, gelato.

We spent 13 days together. I brought 13 presents for you, one for each day. They included four books, the pot to make my style coffee and the coffee itself, pumpkin seed oil, my playing cards. Something tells me it was either premonition or predetermination. 😀

We didn’t discuss things, about what will happen later. We were too busy having fun, holding hands, kissing. You took me to have dinner at your father’s on day 3. And let me drive your car in Roma on day 5. Practically all I needed to know.

We bought my first glasses – no more striving to read things from afar.

And then those days were over, and I had to return home.

When I boarded the train, you went with me to help me settle. And it was then, when I saw you on the platform, that I knew. My life will never be the same again.

You were crying. And I was crying, all the way to Bologna. And later you told me that the Termini railway station chose to play this song at that moment. And there was nothing we could do.

Taking my protein pills ever since.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈

Photo: MM


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