When you down download

My mom is the author of this alternative lyrics to Slovenian Eurovision Song Contest entry which will be performed tonight in the second semifinals, and in English translation her version goes something like this:

When you down download, you can’t have a taste unless you know how to copy paste.

This year Slovenia is broadly liked and cheered on. The song crawls under the skin. If it hasn’t yet, here, give it a try, just like Slovenian vocal orchestra Perpetuum Jazzile did, shortly after the song had been chosen as the national winner:

And this was a live performance of Maraaya with PJ for national TV.

The finals is on Saturday. (EDIT: I love it how I didn’t even doubt that they will make the finals. Now they had and they will be the first to sing on the night. Top 5 is still feasible but more unlikely under these circumstances.) Whatever happens, I’m happy this year, but you know you want to come to Slovenia next year, Europe!

Top: Piran, Slovenia, 12 points. Photo: MM

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