My other Isonzo

There is the famous Isonzo, as it is called in Italy where it is born, or Soča river, called in Slovenia where it mostly flows. Poems have been written about it. Fronts have been fought alongside it. It is called the Emerald Jewel, and it is the pride of Slovenia. And then there is this.

When I descended down the Soča in a small army rubber boat with three others in it, it took one of my All Stars. And I took some of it home in a bottle, wrote Soča on it and drank it for a few days. And now I’ve found another one.

Not the street named after it, even though I found that too (on the photo above), in Santa Severa (while the bigger town next to it, Santa Marinella, is a twin town, or sister city, of Kranjska Gora in Slovenia).

It is a river with no name – or better, I haven’t learnt it yet. Let’s have a glimpse:

It flows under the bridge where the sheep pushed me off the street. After they forced me to park and let them pass, I had a look around and was greeted by this cheerful sign – the first time I see one of these:

But to call it a mere flood wave would be mean. The colour is just too pretty.

But the really surprising view came from the middle of the bridge.

It felt like falling into a fairy tale. When I reached the fort, the notice boards told me that I have fallen into the remains of an Etruscan metropola, just something for my father. A bit further is also archaeological park Vulci. I decided to wait for him to visit first, which is just about to happen, before I explore further. So here are just a few glimpses more, as a preview.

Let’s hope the next time we are there this bridge on the Isonzo (Most na Soči) is open. And that the Etruscans were great builders.

P.S. Must edit to include its name since I’ve just googled it and it’s so pretty: it is called Fiora.

≈ Manja Maksimovič ≈

Photo: MM


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