WPC: Forces of Nature – Terme Saturnia

Terme Saturnia is the main tourist attraction around these parts. Everywhere you might be, a marker points to its general direction. This makes you expect something a bit special, but not quite like it is when you get there. It is free, warm, beneficial (but of course), wild and very pretty. Forces of nature at work and they let them be. And there is a fancy, organised spa with a golf course next to it. But of course.

If you approach from the north, first you see a lazy stream. It looks very non-eventful, if a bit murky and milky.

Then the water, very warm and only slightly smelly, suddenly falls. For some reason this attracts a large number of mammals. 🙂

Sometimes it’s March and green, sometimes it’s July and brown but fruitful.

Sometimes it’s very crowded, sometimes you can find a nice vacant spot with your name on it.

If you cross the stream and reach the opposite bank, you can have a private little beach and reach the waterfall. It varies in strength and I’d be careful. My experience was like a bunch of horses suddenly decided to start kicking me, underwater.

Mammals vary. 🙂 The translucence of water varies too, I think that after a rainfall it gets murkier.

Then you return from the bank opposite, cross the stream lower down, have the last little soak and wave it goodbye.

Because the next time you arrive, everything can be very different. This view greeted us late November last year. The forces of nature invaded the pool in the official spa as well.

This year we haven’t been yet, but I’ve read that all is well again. Bienvenuti!

Photo: MM

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Forces of Nature.”


  1. This is an excellent piece! Your storytelling was compelling, that first photo was intriguing, and then I enjoyed seeing it in all seasons, up close, from a distance, and at the mercy of the forces of nature.


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